What is Flaminko?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Art is what you see and what you make other’s see - Edgar Degas

What is art? Everyone has a different definition for art. For someone it might be repression for another it might be liberation. For one, it’s just a painting and for other it is much more than that. But ultimately, art is an expression. It’s a vent out in every emotion of the artists. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. Many dig far too deep into the ambiguity of the actually definition of art itself that they forget to appreciate the significance of art in their lives.

Here’s presenting Flaminko Design studio; your community to artistic appreciation. An artistic marketplace for all you art lovers, artists as well as patrons. We at Flaminko give art lovers a safe haven to create, collaborate, curate and print art on glass. At Flaminko, our aim is to design, create and produce material that adds style, sophistication and fun. Our aim is also to keep our work distinct from others with a little magic in the room. We collaborate with artists all over the world and encourage them to share their artwork for patrons to choose and get it printed on Glass, providing them royalty for their artwork. The products available in our studio can be used for different applications at home, office, hotels, commercial space or just as cool as for gifting items. Customers who are interested in purchasing our products can purchase either by buying our products online or by writing to us about ordering your customised interior panels.

At Flaminko, the artists can uload their illustration, painting, digital art, photography and any form of art they have created for customers to choose from. The customers have to choose the art that they love. We will get it printed for them on glass and get it delivered. As also, we provide the artists royalty for their art and give them full credit for their art. We believe in appreciating art and the artists rejoicing art in every form.

Flaminko is the brainchild of Ms. Leher Kochhar of Kochhar Group, the defining force in Glass architecture in Central India as one of the biggest wholesaler of architectural glass. An avid music, adventure and movie fanatic, Leher realised that many of archaic art designs are inaccessible to the customers due to the lack of the customer service. She also comprehended the pathetic shopping experience every Indian faces. An apprehension to combine technology and art and bring progressive changes in the glass industry gave birth to Flaminko. Quoting Leher, “I wanted to reform the unorganised chaos into a organised one. I wanted everyone to notice how glass too could do wonders to their interiors and how it could be a coolest element of people’s offices, homes, cafes if they allowed it to be so. I also wanted to create a platform where people could see the magic of this product and give them convenience for buying it for the comfort of their bedrooms.”

So calling upon all artists and patrons out there, to collaborate with us as well as check out our designs because as Romerro Britto Said ‘Art is too important to not share’.

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