A little bit of us

  • We are FlaminKO, the art marketplace.
  • This is where passion for art, new ideas and decades of experience collide.
  • We are an online community that engages independent artists from across the country.
  • We process and curate their work on glass, using the latest digital printing technology.
  • Your frameless artwork by outstanding artist is then delivered at your doorsteps.

Flaminko Artist

What you can sell on Flaminko

glass studio bhopal


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designer glass studio bhopal

Digital Art



How it works


Submit your application (A brief about you & your artwork)
Share photographs of your work with us
Hear from our reviewing team within five working days
Accept and sign a basic mutually beneficial agreement
Our team will print and process your art on our material
Receive commission/royalty & 100% credit with every sale


Behind every artwork, there are ideas, dreams and great stories.

  • Get paid for doing what you love
  • Work from home and earn from home. You will receive a monthly royalty transfer on your artwork sold straight into your bank account.
  • Printing, Packaging and selling your art is our responsbility, You just have to share pictures of your art, sit back, relax and earn.
  • We will try to extensively feature your work and talent ensuring good recognition for your work.
  • Collaborate with us free of cost. Your only investment is pictures of your artwork/photographs.
  • Bring your story to life. We want not just your art but also your story to reach everyone.
  • Together lets create magic with your art and the versatility of our glass.

Anatomy of A Flaminko print

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glass design studio bhopal

Let's call it a date?

We are collaborating with artists, photographers and galleries to curate the finest wall art. Join us and together let's redefine the way art is discovered, experienced and shared.

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