These are distinctive, unique and modern applications of Glass and Mirrors used in the interiors to give your interiors more class and functionality.


Switch On/off

Privacy Smartglass or Switchable glass is an electric switchable glass with adjustable opacity. These glasses can change from clear to frosted appearance at the flick of switch while allowing light to pass through both sides.

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Colour glasses

Colour Laminated Glass

Colour laminated glass is very similar to clear laminated glass but with the addition of a coloured interlayer. These allow for a rich palette of colour permutation, ranging from subtle transparent and translucent colours to opaque.

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Sandwiched Glass

Sandwiched glass is a product of 2 glasses with 0.8mm to 1.6mm resin interlayer. This interlayer could be of Paper, Cloth, Foil or of Jute. These decorative art glasses can be used for a variety of exterior and interior design along with planning.

painted glasses

Digitally Printed Glasses

In digitally printing, the printing is done directly onto glass or any such other material such as glass, wood, sunboard, canvas, etc.

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backlit glasses

Backlit/Decorative Mirrors

Enhance the ambience of any room, hallway or bathroom with our all new decorative illuminated mirrors. We have several designs and can be customized.

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Glass blinds

Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are blinds which are encapsulated within two or three panes of glass, ie. in an insulated glass unit. This ensures protection from dust and dirt meaning no cleaning is required. The blinds can work manually or on a motorised system, and can be operated by cord, knob, magnet or remote control. Integral blinds are hygienic and are clean for life due to the system being encapsulated within the glass unit, thus, meaning there is no risk of damaging the blinds.

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ceremic glasses

Ceramic Painted Glass

It's time to bring your interior to life with vibrant colours. These are durable, easy to maintain, moisture- resistant, UV-resistant, heat-resistant, and toughened.

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