Prashant Shirke

Artist who respects no limit on creativity ... No artistic boundary.

Art could not be contained into a single format, Genre or language.

Ever dynamic flow of creativity flourishes best when letting loose, Untamed, Unhindered ... Unchartered! From a self-taught man born in a remote corner of idyllic Odisha to a railway man to one of the inspiring self-taught artists of national and international repute. Biswaal through his chequered rendezvous has changed the way a self-taught is looked at by the art world and art lovers in general.

His technical perfection in his trade has left art lovers ... Connoisseurs and art critics gasping for more: Water Color, Acrylic, Oil pastel, Collage, Cartoon, Caricature. He has left his own mark in all the genre and medium. He always maintains his best is yet to come.