About Us

Our aim is to design, create and produce material that adds style, sophistication and fun to the interior designs.

Our aim is also to keep our work distinct from others with a little magic in the room. Our store also contains a wide variety of glass for different purposes like interiors, gifting items posters, board games, etc. The products available in our studio can also be used for different applications at home, office, hotels, commercial space or just as cool as for gifting items. Customers who are interested in purchasing our products can purchase either by buying our products online or by writing to us about ordering your customized interior panels.


Know our roots

For over a half century, Kochhar Group was the defining force in Glass architecture in Central India as one of the biggest wholesaler of architectural glass. In 2007, we first attempted at glass processing. In 2010, we undertook a major expansion the result of which was a state of an art processing unit which could save energy, minimize glass handling and also produced the best glass at a competitive cost.

Since then, Kochhar Group has been working on a wide arrangement of some unique construction projects with some of the best people of the country and beyond it. Flaminko is the brainchild of Kochhar Glass India.


About me in short

We own a creative studio which specializes in everything being glassy.

Before I move on to tell you how Flaminko actually began, let me go ahead to tell you some interesting facts about me. My name is Leher Kochhar. I just love food. Crass Bollywood dialogues make me go crazy. I am also a creative enthusiast. I am a person who fears mediocrity. I am a total failure as far as romance is concerned. My favourite ice cream is Strawberry ice cream. Just the mention of tomatoes make my mouth watering.

I just love spending the day in my pyjamas when I am at home. Singing while driving is my favourite activity to do all the time when I am off to somewhere. My family is of an adventurous type. For me man’s best discovery up till date is the discovery of roller coasters. A crazy fan of music and adventure. Love dreaming all day long.


Now that you know a pretty lot about me, let me proceed on to tell you how Flaminko actually came into being. After graduating from the London School of Economics last year, I joined my family business and made up my mind to understand the glass industry in India from the viewpoint of an average consumer. I initially began with looking for glass online and disguised as a customer visited some random glass shops of Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal only to realize the pathetic shopping experience of this country for a well educated customer. I only came across old shops in some old streets with archaic designs and lack of customer service. While the world was progressing in science and technology, however, the glass industry still belonged to the old days. Some solution had to be found for this problem. It was at this point I saw the huge gap in the industry as a golden opportunity and decided to contribute in make this unorganized sector into an organized one. I wanted everyone to notice how glass too could do wonders to their interiors and how it could be a coolest element of people’s offices, homes, cafes if they allowed it to be so. I also wanted to create a platform where people could see the magic of this product and give them convenience for buying it for the comfort of their bedrooms.